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Steam Wash

Steam Wash

Steam cleaning is carried out by injecting low moisture vapor and heated water vapor into the air conditioning ducts to eliminate germs and, therefore, odor. Doing this on a monthly basis will definitely keep your air conditioner clean and therefore keep you and your home comfortable.

Why choose a steam aircon cleaning service?

Steam cleaning is superior to conventional standard maintenance because the steam and heat pressure is capable of cleaning and removing any stubborn dust and mold trap between the heat exchanger fins and fan that cannot be easily removed with vacuum suction and brushing during normal maintenance.

Some of the aircon Cleaning steps offered as part of a Chemical Wash

Perks of steam cleaning

  • The service life of the air conditioner has been increased.
  • It kills 99% of bacteria, germs and eliminates odor.
  • A clean coil uses less energy and saves money.
  • Improved cooling and comfort levels.
  • Good air quality prevents respiratory allergies
  • Regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs.
  • Prevent water dripping and condensation.
  • Steam cleaning does not contain chemicals, therefore safe
    The noise level is reduced when cleaning the blower.

Normal aircon service is not always effective in eliminating unpleasant odors caused by bacteria remaining inside the coil. After steam cleaning, the best quality air you and your fans love stays fresh, bacteria, and germ-free, and the coil remains completely disinfected. Steam cleaning is a safer and cleaner choice without the use of harmful chemicals that cause chronic diseases such as asthma, chronic fatigue, and cancer. We provide a full range of air conditioning services for commercial, residential, and industrial properties. Our service managers will be happy to help you with your needs and prices.

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Our specialists have extensive experience in this area. We are always ready to provide you with the best steam cleaning service in Singapore, thanks to the experience, knowledge, and skills that we have accumulated over the years. Since steam cleaning requires certain skills, because we do not want to hurt the parts of the air conditioner, but at the same time, we thoroughly check and clean it, it would be great to leave that to us so that we can do it; for you!

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