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Normal Service

Normal Service

Wondering what are the benefits of normal air conditioning maintenance? Aircon has become a necessity for every homeowner in Singapore and is vital to life to cope with the heat in the summer season. Your air conditioning system is responsible for cooling the temperature in your home, especially during the second half of spring, so it is essential to ensure regular maintenance of the air conditioner.

General air conditioner wash, also known as normal service and regular aircon maintenance. They are responsible for inspections and general maintenance of the air conditioner. If you have an Aircon, water is dripping or leaking. Normal service would have been sufficient unless it leaks from the rear tray. For active A/C users, you have to search best normal aircon service in Singapore.

Some of the aircon Cleaning steps offered as part of a Chemical Wash

  • The system will ensure the supply of healthy and clean air
  • Repair water leakage during service life.
  • Improve system efficiency and thereby save on energy bills
  • Workmanship warranty 90 days
  • Reduce transportation costs during the term of the service
    Reduces the risk of system breakdown
What is involved in Normal Aircon Servicing?
  • Cleaning the Aircon filter
  • Drainage pipe evacuation
  • Evaporator coil cleaning and evacuation
  • Checking the drain pan for the union
  • Removing and cleaning the air conditioner cover

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Why Choose as Best Normal Aircon services in Singapore?

To keep your air conditioner in top condition, you need to service it regularly. Their fins, filters, and coils need to be checked and cleaned from time to time so you can get value for the cost. An efficient and reliable air conditioning unit means lower energy costs and longer service life. If you are looking for air conditioning services in Singapore and are still thinking about why you should choose such good air conditioning services in Singapore as we are, then here are the reasons.

  • Timely completion of Home aircon normal servicing – is also one of the important things about which you should take care of. This would be possible if you use the best maintenance of air conditioners in Singapore, such as Socool. You should get a real understanding of the real problems and the correct way to solve them.
  • To get help with all of this, your priority should be reliable air conditioning maintenance in Singapore. You should hire the best professionals in order not to be afraid of damage to the air conditioning systems.
  • Specialist maintenance of air conditioners in Singapore must have professional skills and knowledge, a friendly service attitude, careful observation, and the most important advice of conscience.