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Aircon Overhaul

Aircon Overhaul

If chemical washing is not sufficient to thoroughly clean your system, professionals may suggest an aircon overhaul service to your air conditioning system. After checking your unit, a professional will help you and then tell you if your air conditioner needs a major overhaul or just a simple chemical cleaning procedure. Typically, professionals recommend a chemical flush or overhaul at least once a year to keep the air conditioner operating at optimum efficiency. What is done during the overhaul of the air conditioner is the cleaning and dismantling and of its parts. Some parts are repaired or replaced (depending on the damage to your air conditioner).

The importance of Aircon overhaul your air Conditioner

When an air conditioner is overhauled on a regular basis, the unit will always perform impressively and at peak performance over a long period of time. There are many reasons why it is important to repair an air conditioner. Some are described below.

Overhaul services keep the unit running at its peak when needed. Regular maintenance of the unit further increases its energy efficiency. Experts indicated that an air conditioner unit loses about 5 percent of its efficiency if a major overhaul is ignored annually, and after three years or more, the unit loses more efficiency and drops to about 15 percent. The overhaul ensures durability and a safe, clean and fresh air supply. A good air conditioner ensures that clean and fresh air circulates well in your home and therefore ensures the comfort of your family. For best results, consider a chemical repair: thoroughly repair and clean any air conditioner.

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What has been done to overhaul the air conditioner?

Here are the day-to-day activities for an air conditioner overhaul:

  • Checking and monitoring thermostats and unit controls
  • Replaces defective bearings and eliminates production noise
  • Fan bearing lubrication to reduce noise and improve efficiency
  • Cleans dust and dirt from the fan evaporator coil for increased efficiency
  • Cleaning pipes, fan impeller and drain pan with appropriate chemicals.

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